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Turkey is a fun place to shop, but where to begin? These pages will give you an overview of where to shop as well as listings of shop owners. Do you have a favorite place to shop? E-mail us and let us know about it!


Turkish carpets are more than just floor covering. For a historical view of this art form, please visit http://www.turkishculture.org/tapestry/anatolian_carpets.html


Firat Trading

Address: Peykhane Cad, Asmall Cesme Sok, Hurriyet Han No.6, Sultanhamet-ISTANBUL Phone: 90-212-638-1487 Fax: 90-212-638-7659 Are you looking for that special kilim, sumak or carpet? We have a good selection of new and antique handmade rugs from Turkey, Eastern Europe, Persia and other Asian countries. Our small shop serves customers from all over the world. We buy, sell, trade and do repairs. We are in Sultanhamet next to the Turkoman Hotel. We look forward to your visit! Fatih Firat - owner.

Valide Collection

Address: 55 Ticarethane Sokak

Sultanahmet Istanbul, Turkey 34410

Phone: 90-212-527-2522 90-212-527-6436

Fax: 90-212-512-5783

E-Mail: info@valide.com

For those looking for high quality, naturally-dyed wool carpets Michele Cok (formerly of South Carolina) and her husband, Recep, welcome you to their home. Here you’ll find rugs woven by woman in rural Turkey especially for the Valide Collection. These women carry on a thousand year tradition long recognized for its artistry and quality. Visits to the Valide Collection are by appointment only. A special gift awaits those who decide to make a purchase.


Solomans Carpets

Address: Ataturk Mah, 1054 Sok No2, Selcuk, Izmir, Turkey

Phone: 90-232-892-2966

Fax: 90-212-891-4981

E-mail: solomanscarpet@usa.net

Selcuk is one of the travellers most special stop off points in Turkey so why not make it even more special by taking a look at Solomans Carpets. They offer carpets and kilims from all over Turkey at special backpacker's prices, which make your purchase affordable and memorable. You don't even have to carry them as they ship door to door. Take a look at their website for more information.
For more information on shopping in Istanbul, please visit Focus on the World Magazine On-line at http://www.focus.mm.com/istshop.htm.

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